Henrietta Hoyer Millar

Henrietta Hoyer Millar is a painter of nature which she is observing daily and recording from landscapes that are familiar to her and which she continually revisits. The process of looking is central to her work while at the same time she creates her own vision of the world where a single tree, a pool of light or snow along a hedgerow take on a poetry of their own.

The studio is where Henrietta can return from the landscape to allow the images and memories she brings back, to distill and settle, only then does the work of building the painting begin.


A Branch of Gold 1, 2014 oil on canvas 152 x 202 cm
A Tree of Lanterns, 2014 oil on canvas  76 x 101 cm
Crimson Leaves Suspended, oil on board 11.5 x  15.5 cm