Marcus Barnes

Marcus Barnes is a music journalist, author and painter. A regular contributor to The Guardian and numerous electronic music-focused publications, as well as an accomplished public speaker and radio host, Marcus has spent almost 20 years writing about a wide variety of topics. Now focused on music, mental health and sober living, he is currently working on his fourth book.

Outside of his writing endeavours Marcus has a painting career that predates his journalism exploits, starting out as an aerosol artist in 1999. In the 20+ years since then he has painted hundreds of large-scale pieces and murals, mostly in London but also internationally in Sydney, Paris, Hamburg, Singapore, Hong Kong, Barcelona and several other locations around the world. Known for his bold, vibrant style and clean lines, Marcus continues to utilise designated public spaces to display his work, while also translating elements of his work onto canvas.

Youth Club Comission, Birmingham 2018