Ezana Girma

I just came back to the proper art studio after more than a  decade; I used to draw and paint by using various mediums, such as: oil, acrylic, charcoal and water colors. However I didn’t continue to deliver my artworks in different circumstances; but, I was continuing to deliver my creativity in different formats, somehow I found myself as a digital craftsman. I finished my BA degree under the Social Science faculty by digital media in London Metropolitan University, the matter how much I love this digital world I always miss the traditional art and I keep sketching in very often. Now I decided to come back to the studio to explore my digital ideas in a traditional way.

About this series: I used to do this series in digital art. When I observe this era, for me I feel like human life becomes ungrounded and it exists on the air. Technique and medium is still on experimental period.


Ungrounded 01
Ungrounded 02
Ungrounded 03